Today’s workplace isn’t limited to the four walls of an office. The proliferation of mobile devices and the 24-hour pace of a global economy have created new communication realities and the hunt for creative surroundings. Today, anywhere can act as a virtual office, with more remote workers and independent professionals on the road, in and around their communities than ever before.

Are you a freelancer, developer, entrepreneur, or remote worker? Do you find yourself working from noisy coffee shops, poorly equipped cafés, your kitchen table, libraries, or hotel lobbies? Do you ever feel like there has to be a better way, a better environment that consistently delivers on your needs?

Coworking is a state of mind - the belief that we are happier and more productive working together than alone. Coworking environments are not only stimulating, inspiring, and fun, but also lead to new business development and collaborations, as well as increased levels of productivity and income as a result of being part of an expanding business network filled with passionate people just like you.