Making ConneXions that count

Coworking has many benefits beyond reliable WiFi and a bottomless cup of coffee. Professional and personal connections are added bonuses that you won't likely get when working from a coffee shop, home office, kitchen table, or basement. Coworking environments are not only stimulating, inspiring, and fun, but also lead to new business development and collaborations, as well as increased levels of productivity and income as a result of being part of an expanding business network.

ConneXion Spot is focused on providing a creative office and meeting space where the business professionals of Castle Rock can come together. In addition to monthly networking events, you will be able to attend workshops hosted by other members or you can host your own. You can post and respond to an opportunity board seeking expertise and referrals. The possibilities really are endless when it comes to coworking. Who knows, you may even find your next client or business partner.

Disconnexion may lead to Connexion

And if that wasn't enough, our plans for the cafe and lounge area could strengthen your connexions even further. Our weekly disconnect hours, provide a time to wind down from your day, grab a drink, listen to some music, and socialize with your desk mates and fellow community members.

Pretty amazing, right?!