Community is key to success

96% of coworkers surveyed cited community as the most important thing when looking for a coworking facility, according to Global Coworking Survey. This should come as no surprise, we are social beings after all. When you bring people together face to face, ideas become powerful, passion is infused, relationships are strengthened, trust is built, an understanding of an individual is developed, and a community is fostered.

ConneXion Spot is focused on providing a creative space to bring together the business professionals of Castle Rock who want to experience the power and energy that come when working with people from varied industries, focuses, and backgrounds. Our vision doesn't stop there, we believe the active members in the ConneXion Spot community will help build the Castle Rock community at large by elevating this great town as a business hub and meeting place between Colorado Springs and Denver.

According to Castle Rock Economic Development Council, 49% of employed Castle Rock residents work in the Denver Metro area, and nearly 69% of those commuting would rather work in Castle Rock. More and more companies are offering employees incentives to work from a coworking facility instead of taking the long commute each day. If you face a long commute, have you asked your employer about the idea of coworking? ConneXion Spot is the answer to your commuting nightmares and modern office needs.

What would you do with an extra hour or two per day? How much more productive could you be by starting your day, stress free from your commute?

The most dangerous phrase in the English language is, We’ve always done it this way.

Admiral Grace Murray Hopper

Trudi Eisenhour

10 year remote working veteran

16 year storage industry and IT operations executive with proven management success in sales, solutions engineering, strategic marketing and business development. Passionately focused on building growth teams with an intrapreneurial spirit, simplifying systems and process, and driving change with revenue focused results across an organization.

Community ConneXion

  • Certified Business Coach and Expert Devil's Advocate
  • Motibreak founder and enthusiast (ideation into creation)

Embrace what you know, learn what you don’t and be open to what you don’t know, that you don’t know.

David A. Chapa

20 year remote working veteran

25+ year storage industry executive experienced in strategic marketing, product development and management, sales leadership and technical problem solving. Sought for his ability to create the velocity companies need to go to market, build solutions and elevate customer awareness.

Industry speaker, published author and technical editor of several books.

Community ConneXion

  • Certified Business Coach and Expert Devil's Advocate
  • Motibreak founder and enthusiast (ideation into creation)