Member Spot Light: Jamie O'Kane

Member Spot Light: Jamie O'Kane

Jamie O’Kane; member since July 2015

CS: What do you do?

J: CPA for my own company.

CS: And it’s named after you right? When did you start?

J: Yes! It’s called JE O’Kane CPA, and it started January 1st, 2014


CS: Why do you like to work from ConneXion Spot?

J: Dancing Desks [AKA the stand/sit desks] and I get to meet new people.

CS: Do you feel like it’s easy to meet new people?

J: Yes, it’s very easy to meet new people. It’s nice to work at a space with people around.


CS: What’s your definition of a Coworking Community?

J: A place to expand your space, solve your space issues (conference rooms), a place to set up camp, a change of venue with people… and coffee. Coffee is important.


CS: Last question… would 5 year old you be proud of “grown up” you?

J: Considering that I have a 5 year old right now, and she’s me when I was 5… I would say yes, 5 year old me would be very proud of grown up me, but I think she would wonder why it took me so long to start my own business.